Tears of The Way

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Tears of The Way…
Scientifically basal tears are tears that are complex and found as a mechanism for the eyes to protect themselves from drying out. Emotional tears come when we overcome or deal with emotion and chemically they have traces of chemicals associated with stress. Reflex tears are those that are majorly water in response to dust or an insect that enters the eyes and need to flushed out.
Crying is never weak. Its a sign that we are managing, coping, overcoming and detoxing ourselves. It helps self soothe. As we start spiritual practice we notice also that we become more open to the suffering of others including people we don’t know. This is because as we release emotional and conditioned (religion, politics and society) obstacles within us we become more aware of the oneness we share with all of human kind. These are beautifully explained as “The tears of the way”.
Once you open yourself to the tears of the way, don’t play rescuer or healer. Work instead on yourself, healing and integrating parts of yourself that need tending and acceptance. Work especially on parts that trigger anger, shame, guilt, and grief. Most people deal with these by numbing (social media contributing greatly to it), craving (including food, hoarding, shopping and clutter) and aggression (dealing with others with aggression to avoid looking at patterns within that need integration).
The best gift we can give to a loved one, to the world or to ourselves is to work on the self. By working with compassion on our own patterns we make changes in the world because what is in one is in the whole. Revolutions happen starting with the evolution of the true nature within.

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