Slowing Down….Savouring Life

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We achieve a lot more through our patience than through force.

It takes a day in a city where everyone is busy but very few are productive (including parameters of well being not just getting work done) to realise how important it is to slow down.

Slowing Down is erroneously linked to giving up. It’s quite the opposite. It’s just mindfulness, awareness, prioritizing and being as opposed to keeping up with, filling a plate more than its capacity and leaving a trail of unfinished work at the cost of well-being.

The benefits of slowing down are

1. Better health physically, emotionally and spiritually because of less stress and more opportunities to take care of the self.

2. Clear thought with an eye on the big picture and consistent action driven by intuition and creativity.

3. Being and Doing are in sync with our highest good and we focus deeply on what is really important and essential and let whatever is frivolous fall away naturally.

4. Increased focus with the ability to prioritize effectively. This ensures that we let go a million chores we consider goals and focus on truly meaningful and beneficial goals. We achieve more in less time as a result of this.

5. Slowing down removes peer pressure and the need to be accepted by the people who are trends. It helps us connect to our real self free from any beliefs of the collective consciousness.

6. Slowing down improves relationships. It starts with a better relationship with the self and naturally extends to every aspect of our personal and professional life.

7. Slowing down makes contentment easy because the pace, the goals, the relationships and the moments are all internally determined and since it stops becoming a competition it becomes easier to stay and operate with an internal locus of control at all times.

Start by:
1. Identifying areas in life that need change and no longer seem balanced.
2. Prioritize. Know what you needs to stay and what needs to be cut off.
3. Take action and take feedback for the action. Introspect and take action.
4. You may lose many people in the process but remember that weeding is needed to let the real garden blossom.
5. Remember that this is not about winning and outsmarting others but about making it together. The moment competition disappears the quality of work and life increase.

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