Scaling mountains

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What challenge do you face today? Are you carrying the mountain you were meant to scale?

How many people have you lost as you find yourself? Were the ones you lost really worth all that you invested in them?

In the most painful moments of your life, does the attitude and behaviour of those you considered your own hurt more than the actual cause of the pain?

Have you learnt to truly let go? Have you learnt that you do not have to shoulder all the responsibility….. Just what is yours.

Pain is inevitable for it is often the means to a lesson for the soul. Suffering if optional for that is from the ego self that gets entangled in the drama instead to looking for the calm in the chaos.

And in all this what part of your strength did you discover, rediscover or refine?

What aspect of you did you find, embrace and manifest?

What did you learn about the others on the journey, what did you learn about yourself through them?

When you let go of all that you knew as stability, did you find the courage to take the next step?

Did the pain make you stronger or did you let it shrink and become fearful of everything. Did it lead you to become a smaller version of yourself or a stronger version.

Did you rise from the ashes or were you reduced by it.

Have you lived
Have you loved
Have you laughed
Have you found the strength to move on?

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