Lessons in Gratitude

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Having travelled for almost 20 days a month through a deeply gratifying career spanning two decades, I never once thought about health or immunity because they were never issues. Random hotels, make shift arrangements to rest the night,obscure countries, cities, towns and villages, airports, railway stations, bus depots, boat jetties, crudely arranged transport within a village nothing deterred me from reaching out to children in need, to educators and parents in all these years.This morning in meditation, I took a moment to realise how grateful many of us need to be to our immune systems. With every surface, grocery bag, object being sanitized a million times, I just looked back at some of my journeys and adventures and how many vicious microbes I probably was exposed to in each of those vehicles I travelled in, the places I stayed in, the places I transited through and the number of people I interacted with. And yet not once did this immune system even let me know that a microbe was too hard to deal with.

Through today’s Deliberate Gratitude Exercise (originally coined by Seligman and something I teach in my Mental Fitness sessions) the one thing I could be deeply grateful for was this immune system that has silently protected me in so many million ways.

I wrote once, the greatest forces work in silence. At that time I was referring to sunlight and trees, today I acknowledge with deep gratitude the millions of soldiers within my body who work in silence.

Each time we wash our hands or sanitize a surface or object may we also become consciously aware of and grateful to the millions of cells within our body that fight silently to keep us healthy.

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