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#Learning Challenge

Two days back I had written the Kindness challenge and urged you not to post it to prove it. It seems to have reached more people than I can imagine. Requests for more challenges that are meaningful stormed my inbox. And so here is the second one as we are in the slowdown (externally responsible lockdown and internally meaningful slowdown).

We have been conditioned to believe that learning is limited to small spaces (physically, infrastructural and mentally) that offer, information,tests and qualifications. Those who outgrow that notion often question that limiting system.

This learning challenge can be modified to suit your needs. The rules however are different. This is not going to be goal driven. There are many online certifications available for those who wish to do that as well but my challenge is for anyone willing to learn like a child with an element of neoteny.

1. The first area of learning is the self. What aspects of yourself do you learn. This is not the same as developing a skill or learning a new course. What have you learnt about or are learning about yourself and how can you add onto that learning everyday for the next 20 days.

2. The second area is relationship patterns. Are there patterns in you that are inherently toxic or causing sabotage. Have you been blaming someone else all along. Do the patterns need change. How can I learn to be different, change patterns of communication and behaviour.

3. The third area is health. Becoming more aware and learning both about physical health and mental health. This is not from the medical perspective of cause, effect and treatment but more from the wellness perspective where I become more aware of my real needs and take conscious steps to meet those needs over time.

The advantages of this approach – the process is the product. Every moment has learning and it is satisfying internally. The reward is also the process. This is just like how children play. They never play because they have to get something done. They play because it’s what they do best, it’s what they need and because it’s like oxygen for the nervous system.

In addition to these are the regular learning a hobby, learning to be more tech savvy, unlearning a skill that is no longer useful and any course for a certification.

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