Grow Through What You Go Through

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Then come the days when the wind shakes up the strong tree for the leaves that no longer serve it to fall away. As a blind Samurai once said “the falling leaf never hates the wind” many of these leaves that fall away are relationships, patterns, roles, skills and anything that can no longer serve us in the now and on the onward journey.

However many of these leaves are very dear to the tree and the tree holds on for as long as it possibly can. The wind that is friendly at first then begins to blow harder and then come the storms.
The wind knows the toxicity of the dead leaf that no longer can nurture the tree. Yet the strong tree fearing the process of starting growth all over again tries to hold on to the memories, the warmth and perceived support of the leaf. The leaf needs to fall to nourish the roots now and if it does not let go…. It prevents the sprouting of new leaves that maybe needed for the now and for the onward journey.

We look for in relationships, jobs, roles, people, things, what we can find only deep within us. And the illusions lead us to believe that someone or something is somehow more powerful or needed in our lives than our own power of nurturing ourself, Similar to the leaf. The leaf is created by the roots and yet the branch believes that the leaf is different from it and that it needs to be held onto.

We create our experiences and they nourish us for a period of time. We do not become more or less because of it. The experience is mutually beneficial. When we need to grow from it comes the gentle wind as a reminder that it’s time to move to another moment in linear time that can bring into us the richness of another experience. When we let go the transitions are less painful and gentle. Holding on often makes the transition painful and often very toxic.

What are you holding onto that is causing you so much pain?
It could be a person, a job, a memory, an illusion, a belief, a thought, a habit or a pattern. Pain comes only to remind you that something needs change.

Do you feel that your working on it will fix it or restore it to a previous level of love or efficiency or security?
We always know intuitively when something has changed or is over. We hold onto it and become emotional prisoners because of our own fears and inadequacies. We try as much as we can to find, create or support what we want ourselves to believe including astrological predictions, quotes, rational explanations and rituals to survive the need to replace the our limiting beliefs and illusions with reality. The most painful lies are the ones we tell ourself…. Far from protecting us they rip us apart.

Are you scared that letting go will somehow leave you empty?
Like the moon, we need to go through the phases of complete darkness and emptiness to find the light again and shine on each night. But the moon is the moon, always full just perceptually shining as a new moon, a sliver of light or as the full moon. Wanting to see the full moon is one consciousness and realizing that the light is always there are two perceptual points that we need to be aware of. We may oscillate between them several times and then find that shining is inevitable. Fear is sometimes protective and yet transcending fear helps us connect to the love that helps us reach and be more. What is empty can be filled….it holds that potential. What is full needs to be emptied if it needs more. Being content is a state is not a filled state but one that allows this move from fullness to emptiness knowing that they are the same.

Look within…..
In the pain is the path….
In the fear is the love….
In the darkness is the light….
In the despair is the faith that every moment brings the death of what no longer serves us and every moment brings the birth of what is needed.

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