Disconnect to Connect

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“Disconnecting from our technology to reconnect with ourselves is absolutely essential for wisdom.” Arianna HuffingtonIn every webinar now I encounter questions about how screen time has become inevitable. The question comes almost scripted by a victim unable to make choices. The challenge however is not that the use of technology has increased but that we are refusing to communicate and build relationships that can help us reduce and limit the use of gadgets for things that are non essential and wasteful.

1. Look objectively at your screen time and categorize it into essential usage and entertainment. Essential will be work related and what cannot be reduced on a whim. Entertainment is obviously a choice.

2. Build new or rediscover old relationships that matter. The epidemic of loneliness has intensified because we have given our power to manipulative heartless machines that mimic and feed us with what we assume we need. Building new and building back old relationships are essential to reduce gadget time. At the heart of the relationship building process is the relationship with the self. Acknowledge parts of yourself that need tending, caring, weeding, growth, blossoming and fruition.

3. Use app timers, delete and Uninstall apps and cancel subscriptions for as many non essential apps as possible. Endeavour to slow down and develop hobbies that involve the use of your hands, muscles, thoughts, senses or other internal resources with more attention, effort and presence. Mindfully engage with life and Savour every moment.

4. The biggest gift you can give yourself is TIME. Make sure you don’t throw it away for a funny video, a fictional aspect of someone else’s life or highlights and most importantly for a temporary high that must never replace a meaningful relationship with the self or a loved one.

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