Breakdown to Breakthrough

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When we hit rock bottom we have a choice to rebuild completely.
The worst breakdowns come in a way to make a few incredible changes possible.

  1. The breakdown helps us accept what is truly meant for us. All our lives we settle for much less that what we are worth. The breakdowns come to shake that up to ensure that we receive and accept what is truly meant for us because we refuse to accept it otherwise. I used to remain very loyal in a toxic relationship till the person moved on. All along I assumed that the person would be hurt if I left…. Refusing to accept better relationships. In the end when it was time the person moved on enabling me to be set free and focus on myself. When we are losing ourselves in a situation the universe steps in to rescue us.
  2. We spend years trying to fix what needs to be let go of. That’s the time breakdown happens to be able to help us look at life’s challenges with new eyes. Betrayal is actually a form of reminding us that we deserve better than someone who has no qualms about moving on or away. A lost job is a reminder that our skills are needed elsewhere and an illness is a reminder that self care is needed.
  3. The breakdown is a chance to change the lies and narratives we have said and built to keep ourselves safe and protected from the world. When we no longer have a narrative to fall back on we have the chance to rescript what we truly are, who we can truly be and what we truly deserve.
  4. The breakdown helps us genuinely break down every faulty mental contruct and limiting belief and the patterns that are sustained as a result of these.

It will be painful and sometimes the pain is overwhelming and excruciating. But the heart always knows how to heal because it is closest to the the soul. The mind needs to let go of the memories, the images, the stories, the perceptions and the limitations.

In the end, we can always find the courage to live, love and laugh again because to be human means to be able to live through the breakdowns and to steer ourselves into the breakthroughs.
Aarti C Rajaratnam

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